Hoof Boots

Hoof boots can be ideal during the transition/rehabilitation phase from shod to barefoot, so that the horse can be moved on hard ground while the poor quality horn has not yet grown out to withstand such wear.  They can also be useful for a horse working on unusually (for that horse) hard or rocky terrain. The following boots are available at Horseland and Saddleworld stores and selected saddleries.


Cavallo Simple Boots

  • Lightweight
  • Built-in drainage
  • Simple to put on and remove (even with arthritic hands!); stays securely on hoof
  • Shaped for the natural hoof (needs no inserts or shims)
  • Simple front fastening with industrial grade VelcroŽ closures
  • Absorbs shock - so your horse's legs don't need to!
  • Genuine leather upper is comfortable and flexible
  • Mould-in back flap for bulb protection and abrasion resistance
  • Durable construction: Waterproof thread, rustproof metal and high performance TPU outsole
  • Promotes healthy hooves: allows expansion and contraction, and increased blood circulation
  • Softee leather foam-filled collar (Cavallo Pastern Wraps are available for added protection if desired)
  • Built-in sole relief: Raised inner rim takes pressure off sole, bar and frogs

Website: www.cavallo-inc.com


Old Mac's

Every Old Mac's horse boot has a unique high-tech performance outsole, incorporates the unique Hoof Suspension™ System. The specially developed Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) compound will minimize and help speed up recovery from concussion-related injuries. If your horse suffers from any of the following - Arthritis, Pedal bone fractures, Jarred shins, Navicular disease, Ringbone, Knee fractures, Laminitis (founder), Bruised soles or Hoof walls and Scalping from overreaching – an Old Mac's horse riding boot will benefit your horse. Offer your horse the necessary SUPPORT and CONFIDENCE needed during transportation and wear Old Mac’s Multi Purpose Horse Boots™. Old Mac’s will ELIMINATE the problem of your horse throwing a shoe - when you arrive at your destination no matter your discipline your horse will be ready to work.

Website: www.easycareinc.com


Old Mac's Generation 2

The “G2” boot is a fine-tuned version of its popular predecessor, re-engineered for a sleeker look, better performance and greater longevity. One of its most positive features is a new tread pattern that provides aggressive traction while eliminating pressure on sensitive internal hoof structures. While traction is extremely important, very aggressive traction can inhibit a horse’s natural way of going and can increase stress on joints, tendons and upper extremities. The G2 provides cushioning at the sole (the suspension system), while allowing the tread to “take hold” of the road or any other challenging surface. Another enhancement to the sole is the removal of the point at the toe. The G2 tread is rounded for a natural breakover, softening those hard miles that many horses travel in boots. For horses whose hooves were too narrow to fit into the original Old Mac’s, there is good news! The shape of the sole on the G2 is different than the original--slightly more long than wide. This is an important feature that will allow more horses to wear the boots comfortably and securely. For die-hard Old Mac’s users, the original boots are still available.

Website: www.easycareinc.com


Boa Boot

Quick and Easy Application. Many of the current hoof boots require tools and strength during application and removal. The Boa Lacing System™ is used on the Boa Horse Boot™ as the primary closure system. The Boa Lacing System™ allows the Boa Horse Boot™ to open large enough to accommodate the wide base of a hoof, allowing for quick application without strength or force. After the hoof is placed in the Boa Horse Boot™, the Boa Lacing System™ quickly tightens with the turn of a knob. Removing the Boa Horse Boot™ is simple: pull the dial, the lace tension releases and the Boa Horse Boot™ is easily slipped off the hoof.  

Website: www.easycareinc.com



The Easyboot 2005 is the ultimate in hoof protection and one of the most important items you should carry with you on any ride. Prevent lameness and frustration when you lose a shoe far from home and still finish your ride without compromising the health and safety of your horse. Easyboots can also be worn in place of steel shoes or even over steel shoes for additional protection, traction and cushioning on rocks and hard ground. These boots are ideal for horses with laminitis, founder, abscesses and other hoof-related medical problems. Made from durable urethane and in sizes to fit most horses, these boots will outlast any steel shoe!

Website: www.easycareinc.com


Easyboot Epic

The Easyboot Epic horse riding boot is ideal for the barefoot horse, muddy conditions or for a horse who is difficult to keep booted. The attached patented Gaiter provides extra protection to the hoof as well as keeps excess dirt and debris from getting into Easyboots. It also helps keep the boot on during extreme conditions such as mud, snow, and water crossings. This is an excellent boot for long distance riding! The Easyboot Gaiter is an accessory for the Easyboot horse boot. The Easyboot Gaiter can be purchased as an accessory for 2005 or later Easyboots, or comes packaged and assembled on the Easyboot Epic. The new comfort strap comes standard on the Easyboot Epic.

Also available in a 'Grip' version with a sole designed for soft surfaces requiring extra traction.

Website: www.easycareinc.com


Easyboot Bare

The Easyboot Bare has been under development since early 2005. Although these protective horse boots are a little harder to apply than the standard Easyboot Epic, these new hoof boots provide a simple, close-fitting boot that constantly adjusts to the hoof. The new comfort strap comes standard on the Easyboot Bare. The Easyboot Bare is designed to stretch and flex, mimicking the movements of the naturally bare hoof.

Website: www.easycareinc.com